The Dutch student athletics association Asterix is one of the biggest student athletics associations in the Netherlands. Asterix has more than 150 members, with a lot of them active members. Every year Asterix organises some activities, such as the paarse boscross or the dommelloop, which are good opportunities to promote yourself. Some options are:

  • Placing banners around the track;
  • Promotion of the company during a competition;
  • A post on the Asterix social media, for example instagram or facebook;
  • Your logo on the clubshirts;
  • Sponsoring of medals or other prizes;
  • Personalised flyers or gadgets;
  • Promotion during a training;
  • A logo on the website;

If you would like to sponsor Asterix, than we'll make sure to keep the contact warm and to keep both parties happy.

Please contact us via prsponsoring@asterixatletiek.nl