The Eindhoven Student Athletics Association “Asterix” is an association that combines athletics at every level with conviviality. Three experienced trainers provide good guidance for about 80 members twice or three times a week. The training sessions, which cover all facets of athletic sport, take place in the summer period on Mondays and Wednesdays on athletics track ‘De Hondsheuvels’, only 300 meters from the Student Sports Center. In the winter period, which runs from the beginning of October until the middle of March, there is a training session in the sports center on Mondays at 17:00 for technical athletes. For more information about the training, look under the heading ‘Training’ in the menu.

Asterix is

Asterix has two faces, in the sporting section Asterix participates in the various student competitions, such as the NSK-individual on the track and indoor, the NSK for teams, the NSK Ekiden, and the regional competitions such as the evening competitions and the competition matches. , the NSK cross and the NSK all-around. Asterix also organizes NSKs: from 20167 the NSK Ekiden as a supplement to the website and will in 2018 organize the NSK Baan. In addition to these competitions, there is also a national (Batavierenrace, Hart van Brabantloop) and one of the international relay races (Hyde Park Relays in London, Cric in Paris, Sola relay in Sweden, Szarvasüzök in Hungary). Asterix also organizes a number of (open) competitions every year: The Dommelloop, the Asterix Cross, the Asterix track competition, the 5-camp and the beerchase.
The social character of Asterix consists of many pleasant group activities. For example, every year a new activity, the New Year’s drink, the training weekend, a summer activity and other activities such as skating, bowling and many drinks are on the agenda, including a real cocktail party. All these activities can only be realized through an enthusiastic input from active members who occupy the committees within Asterix.

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